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Privacy Policy

1. Who is WonderUs? 

We’re a family run organisation inspired to create extraordinary products and services that develop a positive self-identity in children. The products and services, including the WonderUs Kids app (‘App’), are owned and operated by WonderUs Affirmations Pty Ltd (ACN 623 168 990), registered in Australia and trading as WonderUs Kids (ABN 12 640 618 748). 

2. What is the purpose of WonderUs’ Privacy Policy? 

Like you, we care greatly about your Personal Information. Our Privacy Policy tells you what type of Personal Information WonderUs collects about you, how this information is used, and who it may be disclosed to. Unless we tell you, or you agree, we do not share your Personal Information with anyone. The Privacy Policy also informs you about how you can action your rights and manage your Personal Information at any time. When you use any of our Services you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy, so please read it carefully. 

3. What do certain words or phrases mean? 

‘Personal Information’ means any information that can be used to identify you personally, including information you give us when you register on the App (e.g. first name, email address) and any information that we collect as you use the Services. 

‘Service’ or ‘Services’ means the products and services provided by WonderUs, including the App, our websites, social media platforms and any other online, offline and mobile products and services delivered via any platform. 

4. How does WonderUs look after and protect my Personal Information? 

We are serious about guarding the security of your Personal Information, but can never guarantee it completely. We use a secure server with industry standard information security measures, as well as organisational control measures, to protect it against unauthorised disclosure.  

5. How can I help to keep my Personal Information safe?  

You are responsible for keeping your account and your password confidential. This means you should always sign out after you have finished using your account and should limit other people’s access to your device(s). If you think someone has access to your account or password, you should instantly change your password in the App (in ‘Settings’, ‘Subscription’) and, failing this, inform us immediately at hello@lifeiswonderus.com

We are not responsible for the disclosure and / or misuse of your account or information where you have not kept your password confidential or failed to report a breach to us. 

6. What type of Personal Information does WonderUs collect about me? 

You will provide us information when you register an account with us, including your name and email address. You may also provide us information when you complete online forms, contact us by email, or buy something from us. This may include your child’s year of birth, your telephone number, address and / or certain payment information. We may also receive information from social networks on which you connect with our Service, such as your publicly available information from Instagram or other social media sites.  

You may choose whether or not to give us this information, but not providing some of it may mean you cannot enjoy our Services. When you interact with our Services we automatically record certain log information from your browser or device, which may include: IP address, app ID, device information (e.g. type/model), subscription information, mobile operating system, location data.   

7. How does WonderUs use my Personal Information? 

We use the information held about you to deliver and optimise our Services for you.  

The information you provide to us is used to: 
– deliver Services you have registered for or subscribed to
– manage your account and respond to support queries 
– contact you with important service updates 

And we may also use it to: 
– customise the Services you receive
– allow you to connect with friends on social networks that you choose to connect through 
– if you agree, contact you about Services from WonderUs or other organisations  

In addition we may use your log Information to: 
– deliver Services you have registered for or subscribed to 
– maintain, protect and improve our Services 
– optimise Services for your device and / or operating system 
– carry out research, development and quality assurance 
– meet our legal obligations  

8. Who does WonderUs disclose my Personal Information to? 

WonderUs will not share your Personal Information with other companies for marketing purposes unless you have given us permission to do so.  

If appropriate, we may share your Personal Information with other companies in our group, and we may share your Personal Information with trusted partners, or Service Providers, who perform tasks on our behalf, in the provision of services to you. However, each of these companies has an obligation of confidentiality to protect the security of any information we share with them, and the responsibility to only use it in in the provision of services to WonderUs. 

We may share your name with your friends with whom you have connected and, at times, we may display advertisements with personally identifiable information that you’ve made publicly available.  

We may disclose your Personal Information to a new or prospective investor / owner if there is a change in the ownership of WonderUs or its assets.  

We will disclose your Personal Information when legally required to, including defending against legal claims, enforcing our Terms of Service, or investigating fraud, for example.  

9. Will I receive marketing information from WonderUs? 

We may send you information about our content and Services that we believe may be of interest to you. If you would rather we didn’t do this, please click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link provided or contact us at hello@lifeiswonderus.com.  

10. How do I access or change my Personal Information? 

If you want to view or edit your Personal Information, open the WonderUs App, go to ‘Settings’, ‘Subscription’ and select ‘Edit’ for the Personal Information you would like to change.  

11. How long does WonderUs keep my Personal Information for?  

We keep your Personal Information for the duration that your account is active and as long as required thereafter, for our business purposes. Information relating to inactive accounts will be deleted or anonymised after two years.  

12. What are my rights to object or to be forgotten? 

You have the right to have your Personal Information deleted and you also have the right to object to data being processed for certain purposes, such as for direct marketing and other reasons.  

13. How can I delete my Personal Information? 

If you wish to delete the Personal Information that we hold on you, you may contact us at hello@lifeiswonderus.com and we will delete your account, so we no longer hold any of your Personal Information, unless we have to retain it for legal purposes. Please note that this will prevent us from providing our Services to you.  

Some of the things you may do from our Service (like messaging or referring a friend) may remain after you delete your account. 

14. Does WonderUs use Cookies? 

Yes, our websites use cookies to track and collect data from your browser, so we can identify and remember you, and thereby give you a more personal and convenient web experience.  

15. Does this Privacy Policy apply to services provided by other companies? 

Our Privacy Policy only applies to how WonderUs uses your Personal Information. If you plan to share your Personal Information with other companies, please read and understand their Privacy Policy before doing so.  

16. Does WonderUs collect Personal Information about children? 

The App is intended for use by parents or guardians to affirm wellbeing, wonder and positive character traits in their children or those in their care. If you are younger than 16 years old, you must get consent from a parent or legal guardian before you provide any Personal Information to us.  

If you believe we may have Personal Information about a child that was provided without parental consent, please contact us at hello@lifeiswonderus.com. 

17. Will WonderUs make changes to this Privacy Policy 

We will update our Privacy Policy from time to time and we will notify you of these changes by email and / or by posting a notification within our app. After being notified, you are bound by any changes to our Privacy Policy when you use our Service. 

18. How do I contact WonderUs? 

Please contact us at hello@lifeiswonderus.com if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the Personal Information we hold about you.